Bring on 2013


It is still an exciting thought that MTN/Qhubeka Powered by Samsung has Pro Continental status this year!


The team training camp in December was the start of our 2013 season and it was a great week where we could meet our new team mates from Europe and Africa. It was also a busy week of bike setups, goal setting, nutrition meetings, physical assessments, understanding the team objectives and a Qhubeka bike handover.


I believe our December training camp was essential and has given us great momentum to start 2013 on a positive note. I myself am excited for this year, with its new challenges and adventures, not that it will be an easy year, but it is a step up, and a step in the right direction for African cycling. This is also a great way to tell the story of Qhubeka to the world.



The African riders will be based in Lucca, Italy for 7 months of the year racing an international Calendar including many prestigious events. These events are tough and the team will be running two programs. We have some of the best staff on the team to help the riders complete this step up to an international level.


Thanks to everyone for the continued support!




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