Morocco and onto Europe

Our two and a half month international trip started with the Tour du Maroc, a 10 day tour over some challenging terrain and very windy conditions.

Tour du Maroc challenges you both physically and mentally. Physically on the bike racing, and mentally off the bike with different food varieties, cold showers and some half star accommodation… This is a great tour to build strength and character as a professional cyclist and is definitely a tour to go and compete in…at least once in your career.

The team took the General Classification lead on Stage 1 with Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg and held to the end. This took some hard work and commitment from the team, pacing and controlling everyday. The team wrapped up Tour du Maroc with the Yellow Jersey, the Green Jersey and 8 stage wins. Describing this trip as a success would be an understatement.

From Morocco the team travelled to Frankfurt, packed our team truck, camper and car, and drove through to our team house in Ninove, Belgium. We had stayed at this house last year and we found it very comfortable with great training loops in the surrounding areas.

So far the team has competed in 3 races, The GP Pino Cerami 1.1, The Rund um Koln 1.1 and the Zellik-Galmaarden 1.2. The racing is different in Europe and we need to adapt our racing style. The weather has also not been so great with plenty of rain and temperatures normally hovering in the 5 degree zone. I believe the team is still finding their European legs and will be getting some results soon.

Living in the team house is also a very different experience to what we are used to living at home. The guys are all getting along well and are working as a team in the house and kitchen just as hard as we work together in racing. Cooking dinner has become a major dailyevent. The team also has great staff support over here at the house in the form of our Director, Jens Zemke, our Soigneur, Basti Buffel and our trusty mechanic, Casper Bester.

Thank you to all our supporters! We are all motivated and have our sights set on some good results!


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