2012 Team MTN/Qhubeka Training Camp

Photo: Craig Dutton

The Team Training Camp was held in Nelspruit this year as this will be the location of the SA Road and Time Trial Championships. The plan was to train hard, spend time to get to know each other, do photos with the team and to have fun.

We all met Monday morning at MTN Head Office and headed off to Nelspruit. We arrived, checked the room list, found our rooms and got ready for a short pedal to loosen the legs after our drive. I also had time to get a quick massage in. Serious training would begin from day 2…

Tuesday saw the team breaking into various groups according to what the riders race programs and goals were. For some, including me, it would be a double session with hard intervals in the morning and a steady loop with photos in the afternoon.

Over the week we would all get a chance to meet and get to know our European Director Jens Zemke, tonight was my turn. Jens is a fantastic person with great knowledge and experience to help us get to the next level, Pro-Continental.

Day 3 was the hardest day for me and I think for many riders. The terrain in Nelspruit and the heat, together with a motivated group of individuals meant that training was going to be tough and challenging. The men’s team went through 25L of PVM Octane and 35L of water and burnt over 4000kj. It’s great to have all the riders on the same page with regards to where we want this team to be and there is a great vibe during training and around the dinner table.

Thursday was the SA route recon, and although we were feeling the effects of the last two days there would be no soft pedalling. We challenge each other in everything we do to become better on and off the bike. We were also kept busy by Craig Dutton who took some fantastic photos of

Photo: Craig Dutton

us. I can’t wait to see the full album.

Friday was our final day and consisted of an easy ride then the drive back to MTN Fairlands. The team, including all the staff, was a real unit throughout this training camp and everyone did what they needed to do and more.

Over my last 5 years with the team, I have to say that this was the most professional training camp we have had and that our sights are truly set on the next level!


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