End Year Refresh Button Brings a New Year with New Goals


New Year, New Goals

The end of a year finds the riders tired, physically and mentally, this is why a good break and getting away is important to refresh and to recharge for a new year. Time away gives you time to be out of your normal routine and ride in new terrain that keeps your mind interested. By the end of December you should have had some exciting and fun base rides and a new energy for the new year.


I was down in Natal for half my December. One week at the beach in Ballito and a week with my parents in Pietermaritzburg, where I grew up. December is a holiday for a professional cyclist in terms of you can go wherever you want but there is still some serious base training to be done.  I enjoyed some good miles on routes that I used to train and race on growing up.


I am excited and refreshed for the season that lies ahead especially with the big bold goals that the team has set. Goal setting is a key factor in the team and in individual success. Goals for me are my motivation to train hard and to stay focused on and off the bike. We will be spending more time in Africa and in Europe this year than any other year. We are aiming at succeeding with some great results in 2012 to motivate an even bigger European race calendar for 2013.


I wish everyone a Happy New Year!! Best wishes for all your goals for 2012!!




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