Engen Dynamic Challenge


I’ve always enjoyed racing in Durban. The races there are well-organized and the routes are always challenging. The team was once again very successful, working hard together and launching Arran to victory in the sprint finish.


We had spoken about the race and come up with a few scenarios. The team knew what to do and carried out the plans to perfection. Our team was very aggressive during the race putting in many attacks to get a gap. Reinardt Janse van Rensburg and Martin Wesemann eventually getting clear with about 45km to go with Hanco Kachelhoffer(Bonitas) and Richard Baxter(Tasol/GT).


This Break was brought back by Bonitas and Tasol/GT in the final few kilometers and the race ended in a sprint with Arran Brown taking it from Nolan Hoffman(Tasol/GT) and Tyler Day(Bonitas) who were 2nd and 3rd respectively. The team did a great job leading Arran out with Dennis van Niekerk going from 550m out and myself taking over at 350m to go.


Overall the team is working as a unit and putting in the extra work to perform at the next level with our sights set on European racing.



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