Team Work pays off at the MTN Zoo Lake Crit

Start of the MTN Zoo Lake Crit

The MTN Zoo Lake Criterium is always a big event for the team, with MTN being the title sponsor. This comes with a bit of pressure to pull off the win which the team did so successfully with Arran Brown outsprinting Nolan Hoffman and Hanco Kachelhoffer who were 2nd and 3rd respectfully.

The team had ridden the laps in the week leading up to the event and had discussed the race in detail, so that every rider knew what was expected of himself. We knew we would be outnumbered and knew we had to dig deep and work hard throughout the 2 hours of racing to set it up for Arran to sprint.

I felt good during the race and tried to save for the sprint to leadout Arran but had to change my mindset and step in and do some hard work earlier on. There was some aggressive racing coming from the other teams which we had to bring under control and make sure no dangerous riders slipped up the road.

The team  for this event was Arran Brown, Jacques Janse van Rensburg, JC Nel, Adrien Nyonshuti, Charles Keey and myself. The team was great in the race and everything came down to what we had planned with Arran taking it in the sprint.

The staff is also important in a high pressure race like this one and they were also very involved with keeping us calm and creating a relaxed atmosphere for us under the MTN gazebos.

Thank you to everyone for the support!

I am very proud to be a part of this team!

Happy Team!


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