Upcoming Races

I am very excited for the upcoming races and traveling overseas again. The team has a busy few months ahead with all the usual one day races and 5 tours, 3 being abroad. These overseas tours give you great experience and conditioning and that is ultimately where the team wants to be.

I will be doing 3 out of the 5 upcoming tours, being the Tour of the Freestate, Herald SunTour (Australia) and Tour Hainan (China). The team is big enough now to send the sutable riders to the certain tours. This means that riders can specialise and avoid over-racing.

There is the Clover Tour this weekend and all our climbers will be racing as this is a mountainous tour and a similar team will be doing the Tour of China.

Preparation for these tours does not start a week before, normally it starts a few months before. Team MTN/Qhubeka is lucky to have Activeworx as a sponsor making sure we are training right in terms of intensity and volume and also making sure we are not over training. All our training is done with SRM, a leading power meter. We also monitor our weight and body fat to make sure we are healthy and fit to perform at our best.

The Tour of the Freestate starts on the 24 August and is 5 stages. Most of the stages are fast and rolling. It will be some good racing.


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