Back from the Bestmed Jock Cycle Classic

The team had a successful trip to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga for the Jock Cycle Classic. This is one of South Africa’s unique races having 3 stages in one day, with the winner being the one with the least accumulative time at the end of the final stage.

It was an early start on Saturday with a 4am wake up with the first stage kicking off at 06:30. This was one of the warmest mornings that I can remember for this normally freezing start.

The stages are relatively short being 50/60km a piece so tactics are really important. This lead to a few nervous riders with everyone watching each other closely. I worked hard for the climbers in the team, this being on of the climbers goal races.

In between the stages we made sure we ate and drank enough, talked tactics, discussed which riders to watch and kept the mood light while still staying focused.

At the end of the final stage, our team had ridden strong and our tactics worked out which had us taking the overall victory! Really enjoy my riding and racing with this team.

Happy Days! Sore legs!

Full race report at


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